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Butch’s Service Center

Car not running like it used to?  Get your FREE estimate on your auto repair, maintenance or tune-up at Butch’s Service Center.

You will be back on the road in no time
We know how important your car is to your daily routine – which is why we offer fast, affordable service to get your vehicle up and running as soon as possible.

Put your trust in us
Our family owned and operated business has over 40 years experience in auto service.

Here for your convenience
No one plans on needing a tow – which is why we offer 24 hour availability on our towing services.

All Grades of Ethanol-Free Fuel: Why ethanol-free?

We want to provide high-quality fuel for your machine. While ethanol helps reduce exhaust emissions and boost octane, the drawbacks outweigh those benefits.

To name a few disadvantages of ethanol gasoline, it has lower BTU content than pure gasoline, which means less performance and lower fuel economy. Ethanol absorbs water and carries that water throughout the fuel system and engine; steel and iron gas tanks are prone to rust from water. Ethanol softens and cracks rubber, plastic, and fiberglass parts; engines used for marine applications are most vulnerable to deterioration. Ethanol causes petroleum gasoline to turn to varnish more quickly, meaning less shelf life.

Old ethanol gasoline clogs carburetor jets, fuel injectors, fuel injection distributors, fuel pumps, and fuel filters; once varnished, it also sticks to intake valves and ruins the engine. This is especially beneficial in small engines such as ATV's, motorcycles, lawn equipment, & etc.

Butch's is one of the only gas station in the Hickory, Newton, Taylorville and surrounding areas that has ethanol free gas.

Get to Know Butch’s Service Center:

  • Auto Repair – starter, axle, alternator and electrical repairs.
  • Auto Maintenance  - lube, filter and oil changes.
  • Towing – 24 hour availability, ethanol free gas and more.

Get your FREE auto repair or maintenance estimate today at Butch’s Service Center.  Or call for 24 hour towing. 828-464-6926

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